3 Ways Twitter Chats Expand Your Network

If you're on Twitter, you've probably felt at one time or another like you're talking to a wall because no one is interacting with your tweets. So, how can you fix this problem while also making extremely important connections with the individuals on Twitter? The easy answer to this problem is to participate in Twitter chats.

Twitter chats provide a unique opportunity that's unavailable on any other social media platform to engage with folks in your field or a field you'd like to learn more about. I participate in a variety of Twitter chats that involve folks in agriculture, social media and fellow bloggers.

While Twitter chats may seem intimidating and time-consuming, they truly provide a chance to expand your network and develop your voice on Twitter, and before you know it you're tweets will no longer be lonely as people begin to see you as an authority on whatever you call your own.


1. Helping you to connect with people of similar interests who might add value to your business, Twitter feed, or overall life

When you participate in Twitter chats with like-minded individuals, it gives you an opportunity to create a digital network with those people. This allows for you to connect with people who might find the content you share to be worthwhile for themselves and their own audiences.

2. Allowing you to connect with those who may have a different viewpoint than you

While it is nice to be surrounded by like-minded people, it's important to remember that we all don't think alike, and that's a good thing. Participating in Twitter chats can help you branch out beyond the realm of what might be your comfort-zone in order to learn from those who have opinions that differ from your own.

3. Providing an opportunity for you to become an authority on a topic

Twitter chats help you to become an authority on a topic by allowing you the chance to share your knowledge during the chat. This will help you reach an audience that might be seeking more information of the topic you are an authority for. 


So, how do you begin to participate in Twitter chats? When I first started, I would have three tabs on my browser opened: one for my tweets, one to follow the hashtag of the chat, and one to keep up with my notifications. That was before I discovered TweetDeck.

TweetDeck allows you to use one web browser to monitor the conversation of a Twitter chat by using a column to follow the chat's hashtag, a column for the user asking the questions, and one for your own notifications. You can also respond and tweet directly from the platform in order to keep up without ever having to switch between tabs.

So, now you just have to decide which Twitter chats fit your needs and interests (and schedule), and jump right in! If you in the agricultural world looking for Twitter chats, hop on over to my Ag Twitter Chats page to learn more! And be sure to connect with me on Twitter and other social media platforms, I'd love to chat!